advanced password recovery

Upload and extract
a WPA / WPA2 handshake from a pcap capture file
to a modern hashcat compatible hash file

  PCAPNG, PCAP or CAP file:  

  Please read this forum post for a short hashcat + WPA1/2 tutorial.

  This site is using state of the art handshake extraction tool hcxpcapngtool from hcxtools for converting.
  It is intended for users who dont want to struggle with compiling from sources.

  Maximum size for upload is 20MB.

ATTENTION! You need hashcat v6.0.0 or higher in order to work with hash-mode 22000.

  For best results, avoid tools that strip or modify capture files, such as:

  • airodump-ng (with filter options)
  • besside-ng
  • wpaclean
  • old bettercap versions
  • old pwnagotchi versions
  • tshark (with filter options)
  • wireshark (with filter options)

  The online converter works exclusively with default settings. Any additional in-depth tuning exceeds the scope of this online service.