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Full Version: How to make combipow output directly to hashcat so I don't have to save a giant file
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So, I'm trying to crack a WPA password that has around 8-18 chacharacters. I now 2 words that too likely are in the password, and knowing a bit of the old password I'm almost sure it hase both Lower and Uppercase alphanumeric characters. The problem is, as the combipow.exe says to me when I try to make a list as big as this, it would just be giant. So, how can I output combipow.exe list directly as the same time as the WPA hashcat crack is happening?

Also, how could I bypass the 64 line limit for this? (Maybe changing the code and recompiling?)

Thank You
Just pipe from combipow to hashcat. Run hashcat in -a 0 without specifying a dictionary and it will listen on stdin.` combipow [options] | hashcat -a 0 -m 22000 stuff.hash`

I dont know what you mean by 64 line limit though, there's no line limitation in hashcat?