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Full Version: hashcat just stops working when exporting email:pass
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Hi, as the title say's i am having an issue with hashcat just stopping when i try to export my cracks to emal:pass
it doesen't freeze, i don't get an error message.
i thought it may be because my original hash file was large but after leaving it for 3 hours and not a single email:pass exported i am currently thinking it just isn't working.

This is my current string

hashcat -m 400 --show --username -o emailpass.txt hashed.txt hashcat.potfile

it freezes when trying to export a large amount of passwords, currently trying to export 18k email:pass
from a original hash file that is in user:hash that is pretty large.

it works perfectly when testing on a small file say 10 lines user:hash 

any help would be great thank Smile

been looking around the forums for a while to find someone else with the same issue but no luck.
This is a know problem but probably not going to get fixed unless someone else sends in a PR. Use a different tool for larger lists.
okay, thanks for the reply
just wandering if you know that john the ripper has the same function as hashcat? for exporting user:pass