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Full Version: Hashcat Bountyhunter Ninja WANTED -Please read
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This post is a Request for assistance/consulting, from a hashcat bounty hunter/ninja/good samaritin, that can assist me in cracking my passphrase for my dogecoin wallet.(That I wrote down in a password book that I threw in the trash)

The good>>>
The passphrase has a structure comprised 4-5 nato phonetic elements,leet speak, some salting with capitals, and an append to the end using 4 characters. I have a very good idea of the append I added to the ending as well as a decently good idea of the potential nato elements.
(ex: alpha3ch0s13rraf0xtr0t&95$)

The bad>>>
I use a limited set from the nato phonetic, however Because I knew nothing about crypto, at the time I got into it, when the value was .0000000000000000000000000000000000000007 I decided to use different nato phonetic elements and deviated from my standard password along with the last bit to further complicate it. 
What's done so far:
-wallet hash has been extracted via john2py
-Hashcat has been installed tested using a wallet and known passprase.
-Btcrecover has also been installed and tested using a known phrase.

GPU is a 3080ti, processor is Intel i9 liquid cooled, 64GB Ram

I have another system on my shelf recommended by puget systems using dual 3090FE's and Ryzen Threadripper that I have not built yet. I am not sure if its actually necessary. 
As stated in the TL,DR...
I am looking for a Hashcat Bountyhunter Ninja/Expert, or a good samartin to consult/contract to assist me in designing a ruleset for a bruteforce/hybrid/dictionary attack Wherein, I can essentially copy and paste using my equipment and plugin the wordlists I have already created or which are created with something like the mentalist... Rather than sending out the wallet.dat to a third party.

Speaking of that... I realize that the is no possible way to guarantee the success of cracking the passphrase, it would really boil down to luck and skill. However I do believe that Anything Is Possible!
The more I learn the way of the hashcat, the less I realize know about its effective deployment. Due to that and my current responsibilites there is about a 3% chance I would be able to get this accomplished without some help.

I am sure We can all agree time and skill is valuable, So whoever might be able to work with me, wanting a bounty for the assist, please reply or PM me.
I have a massive respect for this community and the developer's of these tools, the more I researched it, the more it blew my mind. Further, The more I learn the way of the hashcat, the less I know and that its open source, free to use, and the amount of help that the forum gives out really is something that gives me hope for humanity.

I appreciate any and all help... Props to you all