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I have SmartHome installed: lights, sound system and several surveillance cameras. A few days ago, I ran into some problems, namely the light began to turn on by itself. I suspect that my SmartHome could be hacked and I don't know what to do in this situation, any ideas?
first this is the forum for hashcat, not some reddit for smarthome hardware
my first assumption would be, did you changed the default passes for your "smart" IoT's? the main problem is using defaults, not changing anything

admin:admin, admin:1234 and so on, its a really bad idea to connect such components to the internet
There is a chance that your SmartHome has indeed been hacked. If you do not understand this technology, then contact the company that installed all this for you as soon as possible. In this article, you can get acquainted with the existing methods of attacks on SmartHome platforms - https://antispoofing.org/Anti-Spoofing_for_IoT
I also think contacting the company that installed your smart home system would be a reasonable option. Actually, we had the same issue with the smart plug. We had it installed in the kitchen, and usually, we used this plug to turn on the electric kettle. Then we noticed that the kettle turned on without us. So, we just replaced the plug with the new one https://www.amazon.com/smart-plug-wifi-p...B09KTYH3MJ . Eventually, it turned out that the old plug was defective. So, contact your brand’s support asap. Keep us updated.