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Full Version: [split] oclHashcat-lite v0.10 request
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@ atom...when you will release oclhashcat 10? thanks!
It depends on AMD, since it is already finished. There are to many driver bugs left that create non working kernel because of to aggressive optimizations in the latest catalyst.

If I would release it, it would look like oclHashcat-lite is buggy while in real its the catalyst.
Hello atom!

Is available a free slot for oclhashcat-lite10 beta?

Reality is: you will very likely never get beta access. Face it.
@undeath:: Take it easy pal...
Btw, what about me? LOL
M@LIK: I prefer beta-testers at IRC. You should idle with us Smile
(05-17-2012, 04:14 PM)M@LIK Wrote: [ -> ]@undeath:: Take it easy pal...
Btw, what about me? LOL

nah, y u so serious?