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Full Version: cudaHashcat questions
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Hi guys!

I have few questions about cudaHashcat-plus.

I wanted to crack some joomla passwords.

Out of 5 joomla hashes. I only cracked 1

Here's what I have:

NVIDIA GeForce 610M
3GB dictionary
Win 7 with i7
8GB of RAM


1.) Do I have to use a specific dictionary for joomla hash?

2.) Is there any other syntax to extend the cracking of my hashes? - I used only this syntax: D:\cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 11 joomla-hash.txt d:\hashcat\dic

3.) Where to get good dictionaries for joomla?

4.) Im using cudaHashcat-plus64.exe, I assume it's using its video card. But I have i7. which one is better? i7 or my nvidia 610m?

Thank you in advanced
1.) Use specific dic if you know the language used, keyboard layout, leisures of the victim..

2.) That's sound good for a dic attack. You can also use mask attack, (bruteforce), etc. see http://hashcat.net/wiki/

3.) http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1236.html or Google.

4.) nvidia of course, but ATI cards are better

Quote:Where to get good dictionaries for joomla
you don't seem to understand what is a dictionnary !.. It's not hash-specific.