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Full Version: Recomended setup for hashcat
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I want to buy a new computer that will work nicely with hashcat.
I saw the great benchmarks for the ati hd6990/7970, but this cards are
extremely expensive.
I was wondering if there is a cheaper card that is more recommended performance/price wise. so I could buy two cards but they will be cheaper then the hd 7970.

also I 'd be happy if some one could explain why the 6990 outperform the 7970
as I would have thought the newer models should be better then the old ones.

and lastly if any one has suggestions for other hardware I should consider (mother board / cpu /power supply) I'd be happy to know.
There is no way getting around expensive cards. In case of GPGPU only the expensive ones are the good ones.

The hd7970 is a single GPU while the hd6990 is a dual-GPU card. When the hd7990 comes out it will beat the hd6990.
ok thanks for the quick reply.
I just saw some posts suggesting to buy two mid range cards instead of one extreme card
if you want to go cheap, take a look at the 5870 and 5970. they were the top cards of their time and still close to performance with today's cards. hard to find any new nowadays though.