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Full Version: Locked out of my main driver computer
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My personal computer (Linux) has full disk encryption through luks. Unfortunately, although I have entered the passphrase 100s of times, usually at high speed through muscle memory, it seems my brain is starting to deteriorate, and I've lost my ability to recall with certainty what the password is - as well as the physical back-up (because why else would I be here, haha).

Though I have tried to meditating, being calm, etc., I have failed to reproduce it over the last 36 hours. In fact, my efforts have made me even less certain of the actual structure of the password.

I am trying to figure out the best means of attack.

Characteristics of the passphrase:
- between 56 and 62 characters
- I am extremely confident of the "elements" of the password, but not necessarily their order
- I am 100% confident of first 8 characters and final 4 characters, including caps
- I am 98% confident of the first 22 characters and the final 24 characters
- I am 100% condident of a sequence of 14 characters in the middle of the password, including caps

What I am not certain about:
- if I am forgetting an element entirely, probably a normal English word
- the status and placing of a few punctuation marks
- some capitalization

I am completely new to this kind of task but basically, given that I know most of the elements of the passphrase and a great deal about those elements' sequence, I think it should be crackable despite its length. What I am not sure of is the best approach for constructing a wordlist. I admit I am a bit baffled, for example, trying to understand how to use the Mentalist tool effectively.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
One RTX 4090 achieves 65253 H/s on this hash in the benchmark With such a password length, the attack will take light years....