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Full Version: trying to crack bcrypt(sha512(password))
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Greetings, everyone. I'm trying to crack bcrypt(sha512(password)) using dictionary attack without applying rules (because I still don't understand how each rules works and affect). I used GPU 1050Ti and already installed CUDA. My password's length is more than 72 characters. My password contains collections of words from my wordlist. In example, my word list is like this : 
and so on.
I combine those wordlist to become a 72 characters length password such as alligatorbatcameldogeagle. But my hashcat always failed to crack it. Even after I reduced the bcrypt rounds to 4, my hashcat still can't produce result. I also tried to change my algorithm to bcrypt(sha1(password)) but it still can't. I'm trying to crack password with 72 or more characters length because it is my bachelor's research problem that bcrypt's character input is limited to 72 so I tried using pre-hash to make every words in and not concatenated. Is there anything I can do to make my hashcat can crack it? Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
72 characters? That's way too long to brute force.
hi buka, thank you for the respond. I also tried to combine only two words in the wordlist such as alligatorbat but my hashcat still can't crack it, but if I reduce to only one such as alligator it can works. Is there any special rule I should add to make my hashcat can detect a combination of words from wordlist?