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Full Version: oclHashcat-plus v0.09 Poll 3/3: Next algorithms
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I voted for:

SHA-512(unix) aka butthurt algorithm.
Would be useful for benchmarking, as it's the slowest algo on the planet.

WEP, because cracking it in a minute with 100k+ data packets isn't fast enough.
Do want a GPU-aware WEP bruteforcer(not a PTW-based attack, that would be too much work).

TrueCrypt, since you never know what will appear on the next CMIYK.
Nice to see you are continuing to relentlessly expand hashcats abilities atom !

I voted for TrueCrypt and PasswordsSafe out of the selection above. I was surprised to see you considering TrueCrypt as you had previously rejected it in my feature request list. I am really pleased and grateful you are always open to review previous requests.

I would also like to re-request the other previously rejected requests. Office, RAR and Zip would be fantastic.

If you are looking to expand hashcats capabilities can I suggest that you consider the password length again ? Support for longer passwords is almost a must especially when you are considering taking on TrueCrypt etc. Users of such programs will not be as lazy as normal users who make passwords to simply log in and they are more likely to use better, longer passwords than less security aware users.

The longer password length would be a huge bonus to all algorithms, especially when considering simple password padding can push the humblest of passwords beyond hashcats reach….”administrator123” for example.

Thank you for your constant work on hashcat, I hope to get time to load a win 7 machine so I can help test again soon.

[Image: truecrypt-21.jpg]
Updated the TrueCrypt selection. Only SHA512 will be supported. Not RIPEMD, not Whirlpool!
I voted for Lotus Notes HTTP password. This is a very common in the enterprise level.
TrueCrypt would be nice, but I agree with Hash-IT...I'd like support for rar, pdf, zip, and/or Office files.
+1 for Archive rar zip and Office stuff.
+1 for archive (rar, zip, pdf, etc)
truecrypt and sha512 seem to be the most useful out of that list, but I agree with the previous posts in that I would like to see archives more! Smile
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