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Full Version: Trainable AI To Discern My Patterns?
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Hi all,

I am one of the lucky few who lost my bitcoin password. The password was "randomly" generated by my brain. I am wondering if there are any ML/AI tools out there that will allow me to train it on my own samples to reveal patterns that I use when creating passwords. I have found PassGAN, but anything else? Just want to make sure I don't miss anything out there.

Any recommendations? Any experience with PassGAN and custom training?

The ideal would be something I can train on my own samples that will then generate hashcat masks/rules.

Sounds like the OP already knows about PassGAN and about general rules attacks. They're looking for specific experience feedback (which I don't have, unfortunately).
Yes I feel I have a decent grasp on both. Thanks for the input, regardless. You never know what I might have missed.