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Full Version: Configuration for speed up ocl ?
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I tested oclhashcat on my new HD 5870 (1600cores@850Mhz)
I read a speed estimation of 5018M for single MD5.
But I only have :
Quote:Speed........: 1712.6M c/s Real, 1399.0M c/s GPU

1) How can I speed up ? Which values for "--gpu-loops" and "-n" ?
2) Do you advice to overclock it ?

Thank you.
for full speed on single md5 you have to use -lite!
Yes but if I have several hashes, so I use *-plus.
to get full speed you need to use -lite. only single hashes can be unwind that much.
And for "--gpu-loops" and "-n", what can you advice me ?
@Mem5:: I would suggest you to increase "-n" when brute-forcing, decrease when dicting (Dictionary attack) xD.

And lower "--gpu-loops" when attacking slow-as-hell algorithms (phpBB3, Wordpress.. etc), also lower it when having huge lists of any salted algo.
(05-13-2012, 06:48 PM)Mem5 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok.
And for "--gpu-loops" and "-n", what can you advice me ?
"-n" 80 or 160 and i recommend catalyst 11.12 (very stable driver)
For oclHashcat-plus 0.081, u need AMD users require Catalyst 12.4 or later otherwise you'll get incorrect hash matches. For oclHashcat-lite u need AMD users require Catalyst 12.2.