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Full Version: Help with md5($salt.$pass.$salt)
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Hello. I am very new to password recovery, and I do not have a firm understanding strong enough to help me out with this problem. I am wondering if there are any places (other forums/online services) I could pay someone to crack a hash for me in exchange for some $? Here is what I know so far:

hash type md5($salt.$pass.$salt)

1. The first salt is: f0d3da36cbe8032a1aa3f9b30ddc1ac2ba1392ee
2. $pass is unknown
3. The second salt is: 1247730
4. The hash is: 115bc347d3a4b98fa0353575f80094f7

If anyone knows where I can get help please let me know, I really need this password, the sooner the better.
This is not hash cracking forum!
True. You are allowed to ask for help when you face problems but this is not a hash cracking board. If you want to request a new try this section: http://hashcat.net/forum/forum-7.html
Ok sorry I will try that other section thanks!