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Full Version: custom-charset goal ?
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What is the goal of custom-charset ?

I tried with ?l and ?d?l?u but it gives exactly the same keyspace (but it should not)
Quote:oclHashcat-lite64.exe --custom-charset1 ?l --pw-min 9 --pw-max 9 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oclHashcat-lite v0.9 by atom starting...
Progress.....: 9175040000/226868608622592 (0.01%)
Quote:oclHashcat-lite64.exe --custom-charset1 ?l?d?u --pw-min 9 --pw-max 9 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oclHashcat-lite v0.9 by atom starting...
Progress.....: 8808038400/226868608622592 (0.01%)

Should I specify the mask (?1?1..) too ? But if I do that, the length specified with --pw-min(/ax) will be useless ?
if you do not specify a mask, the default one is used.
So how can I put together the mask and the pw-min/max ?
I put seven ?1 :
Quote:oclHashcat-lite64.exe --custom-charset1 ?d?l?u xxxxxxxx ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
oclHashcat-lite v0.9 by atom starting...
Plain.Mask...: ?1?1?1?1?1?1
Plain.Text...: **uX6g
Plain.Length.: 6
[s]tatus [p]ause [r]esume [q]uit =>
Plain.Mask...: ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
Plain.Text...: ***0000
Plain.Length.: 7

It seems that ocl-lite increments itself the mask ?!
It does. So dose the new oclHashcat-plus.
So you better get to use --bf-min= and --pw-min=.