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Full Version: what's the default mask of lite when cracking DES
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when I run ./oclHashcat-lite64.bin -m 1500 --pw-max=8 --outfile-format=7 --outfile=pass.log --gpu-accel 160 xxxxxxxxx

it seems have a default mask,anybody know the default mask ?
with oclHashcat-lite v0.09:

-1 ?l?d?u
-2 ?l?d
-3 ?l?d*!$@_


with oclHashcat-lite v0.10 this changes to:

-1 ae10i2onrls938t45m67cdyhubkgpjvfwzAxEILORNSMTCDBqHYKUPGJFVWZXQ
-2 ae10i2onrls938t45m67cdyhubkgpjvfwzxq
-3 ae10i2onrls938t45m67cdyhubkgpjvfwzx._q!-*@
-4 1029384567


based on top100 from rockyou.txt with passpal
got it.thanks very much!