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Full Version: how many os running in the pci-e extender ?
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[Image: oc05.JPG]

how many os running in this cluster ?
I've seen there're many main-board in it,one main-board one os ? or all main-board one os ?
1 mainboard - 1 os.
(06-11-2012, 02:33 PM)KT819GM Wrote: [ -> ]1 mainboard - 1 os.

but in this pic,it seems there're 4 card with 1 mainboard,plz check the attachment for detail
There definitely was used windows also you can see dummy plug on every card as a proof of windows. So nothing more here to tell, people runs fine even 8 GPU on one motherboard so you can have there 4xHD6990 or 4xHD6970 no difference.
These are running on Ubuntu Wink
[Image: oc02.JPG]
(06-11-2012, 02:33 PM)KT819GM Wrote: [ -> ]1 mainboard - 1 os.

would you like to talk about how can you make it in 1 mainboard and 1 os ?

thank you !
put all gpu in one motherboard and install one os o_O
Seems I don't understood something here or we talking about some nonsense. I meant that on that config they have 1 motherboard and few card config. 1 motherboard will have 1 os. As Rizwan noted they also using Ubuntu, maybe because were testing linux client or just wanted to be legal Smile