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Full Version: very long salt
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I have a very long salt (120 chars) and I am getting a "line length exception".
This is my first time with hashcat.
Password is variable length.
I have a plain text file ~/hash.txt with hashConfusedalt

Command is hashcat-cli64.bin --hash-mode 100 --output-file ~/out.txt ~/hash.txt

This is an ubuntu box.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.
Hello, your salt is too long. Max 55 char you can do with lite version.
Yes, same for CPU.
You might want to consider JtR or PasswordPro (Only for Windows).
Why? At least jtr has the same limitation:

salted_sha1_fmt_plug.c:#define PLAINTEXT_LENGTH (55-MAX_SALT_LEN)
@trifid: Can you post some sample hashes and the application name which generated those hashes?

I can take a look and modify JtR to support them.