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Full Version: Request Default CrLF In Windows
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Hi atom, me again with yet another request ! Smile

Would it be possible to make it so that the windows versions of hashcat-plus outputs the found passwords list and "removed" hash list in CrLF format please ?

It would be nice to be able to view these outputted lists easily with notepad etc instead of having to convert them first.

I suspect most windows users prefer CrLF.

Thank you.
Most windows Editors can load \n textfile. Its just one that is unable to do, that is notepad Smile
install notepad++ and re-associate all txt, .dict, .lst, etc files to it Wink
Oh ok guys Smile

Using my amazing powers of deduction, shall I understand that to be a no then ?

Ha ha Big Grin
Thanks for your suggestion forumhero, notepad++ is indeed much better than standard notepad.

I have however found this...


Which is much better than notepad++ !! It allows you to open large text files, much larger than notepad+ can.

It is free software so I assume it is ok to link it.
sweet, i'll give that a try. thx!