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Full Version: Workaround for GLIBC_2.14 not found error
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Since atom hasn't moved to make life easy for beta testers that don't feel like playing with the mess that is 12.04, I've come up with a workaround.


It's a somewhat involved procedure that involves creating a 12.04 filesystem in a chroot environment, binding the needed directories into it, installing the proper files in it for OpenCL/CUDA support, and then running from inside the chroot environment.

It works for me - I'm on 10.04 (and will remain so for the near future), and I was able to successfully run b18 as both the ocl application and the CUDA application.

Beats having to upgrade an OS to the latest version with known bugs/issues in said new version, and official dev support not existing for it (CUDA 4.2 is not officially supported in 12.04 yet).

Hopefully this is helpful!