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Full Version: oclhashcat-lite-0.11 error: ./kernels/4098/markov_le.llvmir: no such file...
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... or directory.

Any ideas ?
Is this oclHashcat-lite-0.11b2? It works fine here.
Maybe some kernels are not updated yet on AMD.
Thanks for your reply M@LIK.
I did a try with 12.7 beta... maybe is this the source of the problem ?
Anybody else trying 12.7 beta ?

It's quite annoying every time one have to clean AMD drivers and
reinstall a different version...

Plus version didn't complain with 12.7 beta...
Try oclHashcat-lite-0.10 with 12.7b drivers.
Done. No problem with lite-0.10b64.
Okay, I also think that there's a problem with the new oclHashcat-lite-0.11.
Even the change log is bit weird:
* changes v0.10 -> v0.11:

* changes v0.09 -> v0.10:
Yes, nothing...

Also, if the program is looking for a "markov_le.llvmir" file, there are a list
of llvmir files in the 4098 folder but not with that specific name.
Creating a, suposed missing directory "markov_le.llvmir" and copy all the
files from 4098 to this new folder (the one mentioned in the error message),
then we get the message "permission denied".

Eventually the uploaded zip file is uncompleted ?
Yes, I believe it is.

Obviously, markov_le.llvmir is a file not a directory.
You might want to try coping it from oclHashcat-lite-0.10 final.

Or just stick with oclHashcat-lite-0.10 and wait!
lite-0.10, for sure, M@LIK.
lite-0.11 right now doesn't work (at least to me).

Since for global beta testers, plus 0.10 is gone and lite 0.11 looks weird,
I would like to see a kind word for others not trying 0.11, wasting time
or making non-sense questions about where is plus.

Ok, looks like the Bitweasil question in this forum got an answer: wait.
Guys, I am working on this Smile