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Full Version: FPGA-support
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hi, I'm new here,

what's needed to get hashcat to work with a FPGA board?
I use this http://www.ztex.de/usb-fpga-1/usb-fpga-1.15y.e.html board for
bitcoin-mining, but would like to experiment with other applikations.

best regards
No support for FPGA is currently planned.
I like the ideea since the sha256 has been upgraded to 60 GH/s with a simple thing like this.

[Image: b8d4f4b3f7ab4f62ab9f33c.png]

[Image: d316468730184bf6af2f9a4.png]
These devices are as fast as 6990 card while hashing. But they are also hard to get...
fpgas are sub-optimal for advanced password cracking in a few key ways. they are best for brute forcing single hash of a single algorithm (like bitcoin). they do not provide the flexibility needed for multiple attack modes, multiple hashes, or multiple algorithms. too much would have to be done on the CPU. also, fuck Verilog. the dev time alone wouldn't be worth it.

gpus really are the sweet spot. cheap, fast, flexible, easy to program.