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Full Version: wpa2 - more hashes at once
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Hello, is there any way to crack more hashes at once for cracking wpa ?
Already asked, no it's not possible.
No, its salted
(08-09-2012, 11:28 PM)dodo14 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, is there any way to crack more hashes at once for cracking wpa ?

Hi dodo14

Mem5 and atom are of course correct, you cannot really run hashcat-plus against more than one WPA at the same time, well ... you can but there is no speed increase in doing so.

What may interest you is that you can run them sequentially and actually in parallel but as explained by atom each WPA is salted so there is little point.

To run them sequentially simply write the command lines after each other in the same command, then run it.

oclHashcat-plus32.exe --hash-type 2500 First.hccap Example Wordlist.txt -o Found.txt
oclHashcat-plus32.exe --hash-type 2500 Second.hccap Example Wordlist.txt -o Found.txt

You can run them in parallel by making two separate commands and run them both at the same time. There is no benefit to this as your speed is equally shared between the two tasks.
You could theoretically get a speed increase if you attacked two captures with the same SSID. But that is not possible with hashcat.
its more that you will never find the same essid twice, this is very rare nowadays.
Ok, thank you for fast reply.