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Full Version: Rules in combination/hybrid modes
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Are rules expected to work in combination/hybrid modes? From my testing it doesn't appear as if they do (although they are accepted as arguments and appear in the status as if they are being used). This would seem a very valuable especially for combination mode as more and more people use the xkcd style pass phrases. You can only use the combinator so much before the file sizes get insane.

Obviously cracking pass phrases runs into length limitations as discussed already. Ths is changing topics but I will say atom that I would be happy with an alternate (reduced-speed) version of plus that could do say 32 chars and required 8 gb of ram to start as you outlined, although I don't blame you for not wanting to maintain more code branches.

I apologize if this question on rules has been covered (several times?) before but I did look for a bit and I couldn't find it (including the wiki pages on combination attacks and rules).
Or if I bothered to read the oclhashcat-plus main page:


Straight *
Hybrid dict + mask
Hybrid mask + dict
* accept Rules

So that answers that question, only available in straight.

So given that I guess that this should be in feature requests, but really extending the length limitation is a bigger deal. I can always pipe hashcat to oclhashcat if I need rules on combination mode attacks.

Sorry for asking a question answered on the main page! Smile