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Full Version: The application was unable to start correctly
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please read the wiki for oclHashcat-plus, it answers all of your questions. http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=oclhashcat_plus
I've read it already I found it googling before coming here. It still doesn't answer how I import hashes because I tried multiple things and didn't have any success..

I switched to passwords pro and had way more success in 5 minutes than I did in 5 hours of trying to fix a broken program that doesn't work on 90% of machines, even after meeting the specified requirements.

Re-do oclHashCat entirely, strip it down, and rebuild it so it isn't a complete piece of garbage.
as the graphic at the top of the page clearly indicates, hashcat is for advanced password recovery. passwordspro is written for the least common denominator.

but hey, at least you know where you stand now.
for no specific reason i have this big grin on my face now.
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