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Full Version: permission denied in hybrid mode
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hello world

I´m trying to run oclHashcat-plus in Hybrid mode but I get this 'permission denied' error on my wordlist folder

however I can run it on straight mode using the same dic folder

what am I doing wrong?
Is your dictionnary already opened or used anywhere else ?
Hybrid mode does not support folders
<quote>Hybrid mode does not support folders </quote>

that´s no good Sad

not even multiple files

for multiple files, use type and stdin (or cat under linux) :
type *.dic | hashcat.exe ...
It'll take all the *.dic files.
@Mem5:: -a6|7 must work with real dict file. Stdin will not work.
OK, as it works with oclhashcat-* I thought it'll work with hashcat too =)
use a loop.

for wordlist in wordlists/*.txt; do hashcat ... -a 6 $wordlist ?d?d?d; done