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Full Version: Windows OpenSSH - oclhc+ interactivity
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Hello everyone,

I searched the forum for an answer, but I can't find. I hope you can help me with this Smile

First of all I will talk about my setup:

My GPU is a Radeon HD 6870, works great on oclhc+ !

I created an SSH tunnel, because I'm not always on my PC and I want to connect to it anytime from a command line interface. So I use Cygwin with openSSH and everything's working.

The problem:

When I launch oclhc+ and it's taking a while to crack the hashes, it shows a prompt to get the status, pause, resume, bypass or quit. None of these functions are working when I am remotely connected. I need to open another SSH session and kill the application running.

Anyone got that problem ? Is it from OpenSSH or oclhc+ ?
Is there a workaround ?

Thanks for your help !

Probably just some weirdness going on with your SSH setup on Windows, its terminal emulation, etc. Solution is likely just to not do it that way. If you're comfortable with Cygwin and doing things over SSH, it would probably be best to run Linux on your cracking rig. If Linux is not an option, the next best way would be to use a native Windows solution like RDP.
Thanks for you fast reply,

I will try to find another way to securely access my PC in command line. Linux is not option for this (sadly), because members of my family are using this PC and they are not familiar with it.