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Full Version: hash:[x], invalid iteration count ERROR: No hashes loaded
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hello world

i´m trying to crack a wordpress md5 hash on oclhashplus
but I keep getting this error

hash: [x], invalid iteration count
ERROR: No hashes loaded

someone plz help me!
paste 1 example hash but only first 4 chars
it was $P$Df

I already manage to crack it with john
but wonder how it didn´t run on hashcat
Hashcat limits phpass to $P$B
so..some hashes won´t work? sorry i´m n00b I don´t think I understand very well
defaults will work, its only those which are customized will not
the forth character indicates how many iterations where used. In you case this is a D. Usually you find something between 9 and B (0 is the lowest count of iterations, Z(?) is the highest). Hashcat can only handle hashes with an iteration indicator less or equal to B.