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Full Version: Hashcat 0.41 external salt file and --remove error
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hashcat 0.41 32 bit, running bt5r3 64 kde

When using external salt file -e and --remove option generates hashfile.txt.new file that increases in size until hard drive is full.

Not sure if 64 bit versions do this, i get a error for /lib/libc.so.6: Version GLIBC_2.14 not found, havent got around to looking at that as of yet.
To fix the glibc error you need to upgrade your OS.
Don't use --remove flag with -e, use awk\gawk command to remove cracked hashes instead:
awk -F: "FNR==NR{ a[$1]++ } a[$1]!=1" cracked original_hashfile > leftfile
As malik said, -e in combination with --remove is not supported. You can do it in two runs.
Alrighty, Thank ya guys