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Full Version: Speed of Hascat vs Pyrit
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under http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat-plus/ the following is written:

- Worlds fastest md5crypt, phpass, mscash2 and WPA / WPA2 cracker

I always believed that Pyrit is the fastest WPA cracker.. hmm or do I miss something?

Thanks a lot for any feedback!

you missed oclhashcat-plus Smile
@john99 : do a benchmark Wink
pyrit cannot scale well. for example on 4xhd5970

root@forumhero:~# pyrit benchmark

Pyrit 0.4.1-dev (svn r308) © 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg http://pyrit.googlecode.com
This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+

Running benchmark (212490.9 PMKs/s)... /

Computed 212490.94 PMKs/s total.
#1: 'CAL++ Device #1 'ATI CYPRESS'': 45331.5 PMKs/s (RTT 1.1)
#2: 'CAL++ Device #2 'ATI CYPRESS'': 44875.4 PMKs/s (RTT 1.1)
#3: 'CAL++ Device #3 'ATI CYPRESS'': 42802.6 PMKs/s (RTT 1.2)
#4: 'CAL++ Device #4 'ATI CYPRESS'': 47091.5 PMKs/s (RTT 1.1)
#5: 'CAL++ Device #5 'ATI CYPRESS'': 46334.9 PMKs/s (RTT 1.1)
#6: 'CAL++ Device #6 'ATI CYPRESS'': 48434.4 PMKs/s (RTT 1.0)
#7: 'CAL++ Device #7 'ATI CYPRESS'': 47269.8 PMKs/s (RTT 1.0)
#8: 'CAL++ Device #8 'ATI CYPRESS'': 44552.3 PMKs/s (RTT 1.1)
#9: 'CPU-Core (SSE2/AES)': 814.5 PMKs/s (RTT 3.0)
#10: 'CPU-Core (SSE2/AES)': 823.2 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)
#11: 'CPU-Core (SSE2/AES)': 812.5 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)
#12: 'CPU-Core (SSE2/AES)': 820.5 PMKs/s (RTT 2.9)


[s]tatus [p]ause [r]esume [q]uit => s
Status..: Running
Input.Mode...: File (/bigwordlist.txt)
Hash.Target..: linksys
Hash.Type....: WPA/WPA2
Time.Running.: 40 secs
Time.Left....: 26 mins, 49 secs
Time.Util....: 40155.3ms/1624.3ms Real/CPU, 4.2% idle
Speed..: 554.9k c/s Real, 567.3k c/s GPU
Recovered....: 0/1 Digests, 0/1 Salts
Progress..: 22494860/914133014 (2.46%)
Rejected..: 212620/22494860 (0.95%)
HW.Monitor.#1: 88% GPU, 62c Temp
HW.Monitor.#2: 88% GPU, 63c Temp
HW.Monitor.#3: 88% GPU, 64c Temp
HW.Monitor.#4: 88% GPU, 63c Temp
HW.Monitor.#5: 88% GPU, 64c Temp
HW.Monitor.#6: 88% GPU, 62c Temp
HW.Monitor.#7: 88% GPU, 61c Temp
HW.Monitor.#8: 88% GPU, 61c Temp

pyrit = 212k/s
hashcat 550k/s
Do not forget the magical "--gpu-loops 4096 -n 32" parameter set for WPA Smile
@atom: This magical option does not speed up the crack for me.
Its depending on GPU. Its mostly efficient on AMD, at most at hd7970. Not much of a difference on NV.
Thank's a lot for the feedback! Does that mean, hashcat-plus is even faster than Pyrit with its precomputed tables???

Thank you!

correct, it means that plus is over 2x faster than pyrit with its precomputed tables.
(11-03-2012, 05:29 PM)forumhero Wrote: [ -> ]pyrit cannot scale well. for example on 4xhd5970

Does pyrit not scale well, because for every GPU a CPU is required (that is at least my understanding)?

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