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Full Version: why Tesla 2090 and AMD FireStream not mentioned
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As I understand the hd7970 is at them moment one of the bettest performing GPUs.
But there there are even much more expensive GPUs available, e.g. the Tesla 2090 (665 gigaflops) and the AMD FireStream 525 Gigaflops/64Bit and 2.64 Teraflops/32-Bit.

Why are such highend GPUs never mentioned in this forum (too expensive, not supported by hascat-plus, less performant than 7970) ?

Thank's a lot for any feedback!

because they are slower, and more expensive.
They work, but nobody in their right mind would buy one for the purpose of password cracking.

Tesla and FirePro GPUs are focused on double-precision floating point arithmetic, have much lower clockrates than their civilian counterparts, and have features like ECC RAM which aren't really needed. Thus the cost is up to 7x higher than the consumer models which actually perform better for hash cracking.

Tesla K10 and FirePro S9000 / S10000 are the first workstation/server GPUs we've seen that would be decent at password cracking, but they cost nearly $4k a piece. The S10000 is only slightly faster than an HD 6990, which currently goes for $450 - $500.

665 GFLOPS isn't very fast, by the way.

HD 7970 - 4.3 TFLOPS
HD 6990 - 5.1 TFLOPS
HD 5970 - 4.9 TFLOPS