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Full Version: Help to start OclHashcat-lite on ati4870x2
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This is my first post.
I have one gpu card Asus hd radeon 4870x2 installed on one Asus rampage II extreme motherboard, with 6 Gb Ram and I7-920 CPU, O.S. win 7 x64.
I installed Ati catalyst 12.6, open a command shell window and cd to the oclHashcat-lite installation directory where typed the folling command: oclHashcat-lite64 669DEE9C07DD25F2A2EB045FA24683D211451F00:003515020497944600 -1 00010203040506070809 -m 1900 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 -n 160 --outfile-format=1 --outfile=351502049794464
and every time I got the messege: ERROR: clGetD<> -1
Where do I go wrong? How can I make it work?
4k series is no longer supported by AMD.
So I should try one older version? Wich one?
I don't want to to make you sad, but on your card it will take about 15 days to calculate 1 phone. Is it worth to install old drivers and use hashcat-lite for that?
Now I try with oclhashcat-lite v0.06 and the error was the copy of oclhashcat-lite is outdated.Get a more recent version.
Only one try to see how it work and then I will change the gpu card
Set your system date back for testing.
I tried now with oclhashcat-lite v0.09 it started the eula, I roght YES and appear:
GPU-Loops 1024
Passwword lenght range:15 - 15
Platform: AMD compatible platform
Error: clGetDeviceIDs<> -1
Am I getting closser?
you do. probably unsupported driver installed. Try installing 12.04.

//edit: err, wait. you're using 0.09 again which can not support 4k series cards.
Help me with a link for downloding oclhashcat-lite v0.08
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