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Full Version: Number of words in wordlist
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I've a unique wordlist file which contains 103 575 855 words (wc -l).

When I launch hashcat on it with rules, it displays :

Quote:Wordlist..: D:\dics\full_uniq.txt
Index.....: 1/35 (segment), 3060124 (words), 33550342 (bytes)
Recovered.: 1/149 hashes, 0/1 salts
Speed/sec.: 7.01M plains, 297 words
Progress..: 163012/3060124 (5.33%)
Running...: 00:00:09:09
Estimated.: 00:02:42:34

It's written 3 060 124 (words), why ? Does hashcat really take all of my file ?

Thank you
Did you notice 1/35 segment ?
It splits the wordlist into 35 pieces, loads first, runs attack on it, flushes, loads second, etc.