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Full Version: oclHashcat-gui problem
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hi guys.
i want to crack mysql 5 hash with oclhashcat-plus, but when i start this process hash doesn't want crack ...

See image
[Image: aaaaaapd.jpg]

Where is the problem ?
Smart enough to take a screen shot and draw some retarded arrows and numbers but not to type a bloody YES.

... Dexter is only good at killing.
When i press enter. Window is close
ahahahahah, thank you for the laugh time !!

This one have to be sticky ;-)

Oupsss & beside, & Like M@LIK say " TYPE A BLOODY YES" !!!!
this is why there should be no gui hosted here
[Image: 32195363.jpg]
is there anyone help me ?
(12-20-2012, 03:36 PM)dexter Wrote: [ -> ]is there anyone help me ?

No, go away, cant follow directions, and cant read, is no help for you
Damn you're joking right? trying only to piss off the people here?
(12-20-2012, 03:36 PM)dexter Wrote: [ -> ]is there anyone help me ?