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Full Version: This copy of oclHashcat-lite is outdated. Get a more recent version.
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Im getting this error message, and i understand that you want us all to update. BUT, I cant use the new versions because I'm running an older CPU and I cant get the Catalyst 12.8. I have to use the legacy drivers (stuck at 12.6). But I was cracking lots of hashes, and dont want to quit now! any workarounds on this, exept buying a new card?
What does an older CPU have to do with upgrading to Catalyst 12.8?
I assume he means GPU. I believe the 4xxx series of cards stopped being supported somewhere around then.

In any case, you can turn your system clock back, or upgrade the GPU. The new version will not work on the old drivers/old cards, and the old version will not work past the timebomb deadline.

Ofc, GPU, getting tired over here. sorry Smile
And thnx for answer.
Maybe time to get another cracking app. Shame though.
Good night people Smile