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Full Version: understanding "Time.Estimated" in oclHashcat-plus "status" output
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How is the "Time.Estimated" value under "status" output of oclHashcat-plus calculated? Is this calculated during the startup of the oclHashcat-plus based on the charset and GPU performance?

Example of "Time.Estimated" value:

Time.Estimated.: Sun Jan 13 10:15:46 2013 (33 mins, 9 secs)
Wouldnt be a very good estimation if it were just some number generated at startup would it?
My guess, it's calculated in real-time and it's a result of simple math depending on two factors. Current speed, left keyspace.
keyspace / speed - elapsed
If you are right, what about this output ?

Quote:Session.Name...: oclHashcat-plus
Status.........: Exhausted
Input.Mode.....: File (C:\dics\total.dic)
Hash.Target....: xxxxx ()
Hash.Type......: WPA/WPA2
Time.Started...: Sat Jan 12 04:00:20 2013 (6 mins, 57 secs)
Time.Estimated.: > 10 Years
Speed.GPU.#1...: 86968/s
Recovered......: 0/1 Digests, 0/1 Salts
Progress.......: 36740146/36738605 (100.00%)
Rejected.......: 11845787/36740146 (32.24%)

The crack is finished, ("Exhausted"), it lasts 6 mins, 57 secs, I would expect to see "Time.Estimated : 0 sec", why it's more than 10 years ?
This is a bug which has been reported more than once, they're working on it. (hopefully)
Ok, thank you.
likely a signedness issue when estimated time becomes negative.
Yeah, its about 36740146/36738605 - which is not possible and usually happens after restore