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Full Version: what do you say about all this bitcons asic poping up
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Doing more than 60 Gh/s.
will it be possible to use theme for password cracking as well ?
it seems like the quick answer is no.

but since mining difficult will probably increase dramatically because of those system
which will probably make them obsolete it seems like a huge waste of hardware.
the problem with asics is that they are, by definition, application-specific. bitcoin asics will only work for bitcoin, and nothing else. well, you could attempt to use them for password cracking, but you would only be able to crack passwords that were exactly 80 characters long and hashed as double SHA256. so, virtually worthless for anything but bitcoin.

by the same token, building asics specifically for password cracking would be a huge waste of time and money. and to make an asic that was flexible enough to handle multiple hashes, multiple algorithms, and multiple attack modes, you'd essentially just end up with a gpu.
Yea thats what I thought. too bad
I just hoped that this asic might be built form a bunch of cheep gpus on and would be much
cheaper than buying a high end vga cards.
lots of used high-end gpus should be hitting the market soon as more people abandon gpu mining.
I'm out of the loop, whats going on in the gpu mining world?
between halving day and asics hitting the market, gpu mining is no longer profitable.
Seems in no time AMD will have some market problems as SL3 guys started selling their cards. At the moment prices not as low as expected but should go down soon after more and more will do that. Who will buy brand new 86xx 87xx and else when HD6990 will cost less and will do 2x+ performance. I even can't imagine bitcoin flood. Maybe good time will come to build 20KW+ home made cluster? ;D
I understand that, because of that wrote:

Who will buy brand new 86xx 87xx and else

I meant lower class cards of which performance will be about 2x+ less than HD6990 at around same price. Not talked about high end cards of price tag much higher.