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Full Version: How to get the best rate in plus
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Prem in search of a dictionary with the rules in different dictionaries, I see a higher or lower speed ..how to correctly run the search, the speed was always the maximum?
if your keyspace is too small or you do not give the gpu enough work to do, then you will be unable to reach full acceleration. use larger dictionaries and more rules. also make sure your -n and -u values are set appropriately.
Maybe you could kindly explain in layman's terms what these two parameters are, and how to use them? I'm having trouble understanding what these two mean and what to set them to...
-n is the accel value, and -u is the number of loops. look at the benchmark script for appropriate values for each algorithm: http://bindshell.nl/pub/hashcat-benchmark.sh
there are any formal recommendations? 
I mean that in a brute  program brute force dictionaries one by one, and the rate in each different ..
also dependent on the speed of the rules, with the same parameters.
the values found in that benchmark script are the formal recommendations.

of course the speed will vary, but by ensuring you're providing enough work and using the proper settings, you can ensure maximum performance.
lowest rate in Rule-based attack is this normal?
depends on the rules you use, and the size of the wordlist you use. if you're using a small wordlist with best64.rule or something, then sure, low speed is normal. try a large wordlist with d3ad0ne.rule