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Full Version: stop! Unsupported or bad installed GPU Driver version detected (2 video cards)
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i have dell inspiron n4050 with 2 video cards Intel HD and AMD radeon HD 7450M
when i try to run the program
oclHashCat-plus64 -m2500 XXX.hccap rockyou.txt
i get the following error
stop! Unsupported or bad installed GPU Driver version detected

does that happen because it try to use intel not AMD GPU ?
hot can i fix this issue

1) Make sure that you have 13.1 driver properly installed.
2) Try the same command line with either -d 1 or -d 2.
thanks master for reply
option 1 worked with me
iam working on win7
speed for command
oclHashCat-plus64 -m2500 XXX.hccap rockyou.txt --> 5100
after apply
oclHashCat-plus64 -m2500 --gpu-loops 4096 -n 32 XXX.hccap rockyou.txt --> 7900
1- does this speed is the fastest for my GPU ?
2- if i run linux ,does speed will better ?
unless something changed recently that I'm not aware of, the Intel iGPU is not supported, only amd or nvidia GPUs are supported

as for speed, you'll have to compare to others with the same GPU. we don't know how it should or should not perform
For question #2, OS does not affect the cracking speeds.