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Full Version: 6 radeon 5850
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hi hashcat forum community. Im installing 6 radeons 5850 with pci riser when I install windows 7 x64 everything works, I can see all the cards, but when i install the driver, I try amd catalyst 11.12 12.xx and 13.xx all of them, when i install it, when it boots it stuck in windows welcome screen. please help i dont know what to do. do i need to flash my bios?

sempron 140 2.8ghz
2 gb memory
6 msi radeon hd 5850
1600 coolmax psu
Best thing I can recommend is to switch OS to Linux. I've had similar issues with Windows XP.
I run 4 x Radeon 5870s and have no issues in Win7 x64. Have u tried with 3 cards first? Do that and if it's OK, put another card in, and so on until u are at 6. Also, what size PSU are u using? If u have problem with 3 cards, swap the PCI-E risers over incase 1 is faultly. U need to analyse all possibilities for it not working and the best way is to start smaller and work up, swapping cables etc if u have issues.
Hi mangix thanks for the reply I try xubuntu when I install the driver it stuck on welcome screen
Hi byandyuk thats for the reply. I never try only 3 at time maybe im gonna try this tonight. Thanks. I let you guys know tom. Thanks
I mean thanks. *thats
This my psu coolmax zp s-1600b its 1600watts
Its so weird. I clean install windows I can see all the 6 cards. But when I install the driver on first try it will load and after second rebot it stuck on welcome screen maybe my cpu is too slow?
what motherboard did you use ?
This my motherboard gigabyte ga 990fxa ud7
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