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Full Version: Hashcat Plus Benchmark Command
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Good Morning,

yesterday was my frist test to crack a numeric WPA hash.
Hashcat is very nice tool Smile. My System is a Intel Xeon with 3,0GHz and a Quadro FX1800. While hashing the speed was 3500k/s. Now my question...
Is there a command to test the speed to crack a WPA hash without a WPA-Handshake file? I was wondering, because cracking my hash tooks only 45 minutes. The planned duration was 9 hours sayed hashcat. My key is 8 digits long and begins with 53xxxxxx. I had no wordlist, i tried the mask attack (cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 -a 3 capture.hccap ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d).

My greetings
you need an hccap file to benchmark, no way around that.

the ETA is how long it will take to exhaust the entire keyspace at the current speed. it does not mean it will take that long to crack the hash, nor does it guarantee the hash will be found within that timeframe. it's just a simple "charset^length / speed" equation.

if you want an official benchmark, use http://bindshell.nl/pub/hashcat-benchmark.sh

with this script, the hccap needs to be named 'test.hccap'
Thank you for that fast reply.
For WPA2 Hash cracking i have to use Hashcat-Plus or can I also choose Hashcat-Lite?

Thank you
No that is because oclHashcat-lite was written for competition. WPA/WPA2 is a slow algorithm and IMO slow algorithms cant be used for competition. There is no challenge in making them as fast as theoretical possible.
Ok, thank you!
What is the best method to crack the WPA-Key in my case?
Use the mask attack or create a wordlist (e.g. Crunch) with the same content of charset. I thought the advantage of the mask attack is that there is no wordlist which needs disk space, because when there are more than 8 digits the wordlist will increase to a very big file. Is that correct? Which method is faster? Wordlist or Mask Attack?

Thank you Smile

mask attack is usually faster, but for a slow algorithm like wpa it may not matter. but like you said mask attack also will not use any disk space.
Thank you!


Good morning,

how can i run a Shell script under Windows.
I use hashcat with Windows 7.

Best regards

if you have bash installed under cygwin it may run, i don't know.

maybe someone can port it to a .bat script or powershell script.
(03-13-2013, 11:08 AM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]WPA/WPA2 is a slow algorithm and IMO slow algorithms cant be used for competition. There is no challenge in making them as fast as theoretical possible.


Have I understood this correctly ?

To me this reads as if you have not really tried to optimise WPA cracking. If so, that is quite remarkable considering oclhashcat-plus is the fastest WPA cracker ! Smile

I find this hard to even write but does this mean you could possibly improve oclhashcat-plus WPA speed if you really felt like it ?

Surly you must have reached the limitations of any software reaching these speeds, it must be down to hardware now ?
No I am happy with the grade of optimization done in WPA/WPA2. What I was saying is that there are other hash algorithms that are easier to compute and therefore its harder to reach maximum speed.