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Full Version: Which netbook or nettop to buy as a crackign machine?
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Hi, I'm looking for a netbook or a nettop to use as a cracking machine, which model will you suggest?
the alienware with 1 or 2 6990ms
i use a hp with a 7xxx also did 1 billion md5 @ hc-lite

but why spend 2k dollares ?
april fools was yesterday.
(04-02-2013, 11:03 AM)ati6990 Wrote: [ -> ]the alienware with 1 or 2 6990ms

that is neither a netbook nor a nettop.
Let me explain: I saw this post written by ErrataRob http://erratasec.blogspot.nl/2011/06/pas...-gpus.html that mention "HP dm1z" netbook as a good machine for password cracking, but I'm wondering if there are newer models that you can suggest.
it would work, but it wouldn't be good.