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Full Version: hashcat doesn't support Snefru-256 hash?
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I have a Snefru-256 hash type to crack but hashcat does not support this hash.
Will this hash be ever supported?
Depends, where is it used in?
Never mind about this hash, also I have 70GB of wordlists and I need to refer them in console(cmd). (Adding I wasn't able to crack MD5$pass$salt) is there any way to optimise the cracking?

Do I need to refer the rules as well? Or there are automatically used while the program is cracking the hash?

If not how do I refer the rules and where can I grab decent rules.

I'm using hashcat-cli64.exe by the way.

There is plenty of documention on this forum how to start efficient cracking.
Can you please refer me to one of top topics about the efficient cracking here?

I have tried searching of course, I couldn't find anything.
Can you tell me why doesn't support Snefru-256 hash? thank you.
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