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Full Version: slight change
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Maybe make a 4 archive for download linux, linux64, win, win64
OR make scripts in archive, del64.sh del32.sh, del_ocl.sh, del_cuda.sh

1.4 gb unnaturally many for extract arhive, unless it is a mod for half-life2

like this
del kernel\4318\*32.ptx
and etc..

and unite in one binare hashcat-lite and hashcat-plus. to make it self-identifying,
If the hashe on input is ONE then runs hashcat-lite, if more than one is mode hashcat-plus.
keys and the syntax be identical is more comfortably

and in ideal hashcat include too, acitvate in key -cpu

hashcat GUI:
one general tab
with a check mark "CPU"

like that idea?
Or you could just write the script yourself.
There's no real need for Atom to do that.
I do not ask whether it is necessary or not
I ask, would it be more convenient?
Windows, NV, single GTX Titan.
del *.sm_10.32.ptx
del *.sm_11.32.ptx
del *.sm_12.32.ptx
del *.sm_13.32.ptx
del *.sm_20.32.ptx
del *.sm_21.32.ptx
del *.sm_30.32.ptx
del *.sm_35.32.ptx

del *.sm_10.64.ptx
del *.sm_11.64.ptx
del *.sm_12.64.ptx
del *.sm_13.64.ptx
del *.sm_20.64.ptx
del *.sm_21.64.ptx
del *.sm_30.64.ptx

Only 64 bit kernels for GTX Titan remain after that, other stuff I don't need I delete manually.
You can, ofc, extract the archive into a ramdisk, mess with it there, and then copy everything to your HDD/SSD.
When I had nvidia, I deleted 4098, now that I have AMD I delete 4318. Ezmode
better to have them name the folders "NVIDIA" and "AMD" instead of 4098 and 4318
and even better in different archives

same makes sense to bring the information to the wiki on the description of the meaning files in this folders