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Full Version: Hashcat.net on distributed.net
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I would like to inform you that hashcat.net now has a team with distributed.net .
Distributed.net is mostly about cracking RSA's RC5-72 challenge, among other things.
There's a small individual $1k reward for this.
The idea is to promote hashcat.net by immortalizing it in the top100 overall stats (there's never enough fame, right?).
Feel free to join if you'd like to support hc.net by donating your idle GPU cycles to this cause.

Even though the binaries are years old, they still work: win+cuda, win+opencl, x64stream+linux or x86stream+linux.
Other binaries for other OSes and platforms can be found using the links below.
If your AV complains, read a note about it below.

To "register", you have to use a real email in your ini file first (a sample ini file attached, which should be renamed from dnetc.txt to dnetc.ini, and put in the same folder as dnetc.exe).
At 00:00 UTC, the stats get updated, and your progress is actually displayed.
Once that happens, you have to go to the stats page, search for yourself by email, click the "email me my password" below and then, once you get your password, you can change your info.
Now, once the info is changed, you can join our team by just clicking "I want to join this team" below.
Your affiliation with the team will be updated at 00:00 UTC, but don't worry, all the work you've ever done will go to the team's stats.

Some word about the binary zips.
A lot of AV complained about some virus in the binaries.
Virustotal says the pesky dnetc.com file is the cause, which is obsolete for us.
Just run the .exe file and delete the .com file.

Some links:

Signed up to the team, also Linux is well represented with software for clients, just marked as "AMD64/stream or x86/stream" for opencl otherwise its cuda 2.2 or 3.1 with the same 32 or 64 bit choices or if cpu only is all thats wanted 64 bit AMD64/ELF. Can download for pretty much any operating system/architecture thats out and some that shouldnt still be like win 3.1 16 bit, ms-dos.
I've read their discussion lists that the stream versions require specific drivers, cat 12.10 to be precise.
If it works with current drivers under Linux, hey, that's good news.
im running it with 13.6 beta driver on ubuntu 12.04.2 now, running fine
Awesome, 1st post updated, thanks for the good news.
The two man army made it to top1000.
We're gonna need more contributors if we ever want to make it to top100.