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Full Version: Update rules.txt with changes.txt
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In the \docs directory, the rules.txt file needs to have the changes from changes.txt factored in. E.g., he new JtR compatible memory rules.
And the wiki page kept in sync, too.
E.g., are those "Implemented specific functions" all hashcat only, or is "@X" the only one?
The documentation on the reject rules is hard to find.
The rejects should work like the ones from jtr, but only for the CPU rule engine. Makes no sense to reject single entries on fast hashes, it's faster to test them than add an if() which is executed for each candidate, which can be billions per second.

I did not understand the other thing about the changes.
What I'm trying to say is that there is no one place where all the rules for the hashcats are clearly documented.

In the distribution, the file hashcat\docs\rules.txt has two sections of rules, the first for both, then the second for hashcat only, but they are not up to date. The "Rule-based Attack" wiki page is more readable and up to date, but not so clear about which hashcat the rules are for.

And neither has the reject rules. The ones implemented by hashcat should be documented on the wiki, too, as hashcat doesn't support every john reject rule.

The goal should be to have the "Rule-based Attack" wiki the one place to go for complete and up to date rules. (Rather than have us comb through hashcat\docs\changes.txt looking for the new ones.)
If you're willing to help I can add you as wiki autor
@Kgx Pnqvhm I have updated rules.txt in cpu hashcat + oclhashcat today.
Furthermore, I've updated also the rules listed here: http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=rule_based_attack

It is possible that I missed something or that there are some doubts remaining. Please let me know if you have any particular advice to improve the rules wiki + rules.txt.
Please also let us know if there is something missing somewhere or unclear.
Next release (+ beta ofc) will have updated rules.txt files (thx for the hint).

Thanks a lot
Rather than having a rules.txt file at all, point people to the wiki, then you won't have to keep the two in sync.