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Full Version: Hashcat just stopping
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I'm running the latest version of hashcat + in a Win 7 cmd window. I have a small list of MySQL hashes. The first time through I forgot to add the --remove switch. It found a couple of the hashes and everything was good. I notice I forgot to add the remover switch and redid the list with --remove added. Now this time through, after it gives a line-length error for a couple of the hashes, Windows just reports that the program has stopped working and Hashcat just stops and returns to my c: prompt without any errors. I can still run the list without adding the --remove switch though.

This an issue on my end or possibly Hashcat's?
Do you use the the same file for -o as you do for the hashlist?
I'm having the same issue using hashcatgui ... both with mysql and with mysql5
They both return a length error.

so maybe ...
(09-18-2013, 10:10 AM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]Do you use the the same file for -o as you do for the hashlist?

No, I was running it without an -o switch.
Can you post your full command line, please.