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Full Version: Force, even if a line-length exception?
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So I have a bunch of hashes. After doing some scouring, I found out that the algorithm used when hashing them was md5(md5($pass) . $salt). The only way I can use this algorithm in oclHashcat-plus is to use mode 2711 (vBulletin). However, normally vBulletin salts are 30 characters long. This is a constant salt, although it's 60 characters long.

So if I run an attack, I'll get something like -

WARNING: Hashfile 'foo' in line x (acbd18db4cc2f85cedef654fccc4a4d8:rp5?BlAAAcj{?Vv5UWPnp>kzjWCjOGI@RT7Hu+q)yR`<3ykjWS6gTL(wfXM#<?S): Line-length exception
(not a real hash/salt combo).

Is there any way to force it to run?
hashcat does not support 60 character salts.