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Full Version: What is the difference AMD 6 gb and 3 gb ?
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Hi everyone ,

I have a question what is the best for crack the hash , AMD 6 GB OR AMD 3 GB Is there a difference 6 GB OR 3 GB ?

I Will Buy 4 GPU . SO What is the best model of working with Ubuntu 12 .

Thank you .
the difference is 3 GB.
is the 6 gb fatser more than 3 gb for crack the hash ?

Thank you
(10-06-2013, 10:58 AM)AL.CHICHAN Wrote: [ -> ]is the 6 gb fatser more than 3 gb for crack the hash ?

Thank you

I am no expert but I will give this a go Smile

I don't think having more memory on your GPU will increase speed, especially if you are cracking WPA.

I think the only advantage to you (for oclhashcat use) is that you can load more hashes at once. However you would have to be working on huge hash lists for this to be noticable.

I notice you said you were intending to buy 4 GPU's. I personnally suggest you buy 1 or 2 very powerful GPU's instead of 4 smaller ones. 1 or 2 GPU's of a better quality use less power which is significant over time. The HD7990 is the same processing power as 2 x 7970's but uses about 100w less.

I might be wrong about the above but I think it's basically right Smile