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Full Version: clBuildProgram() -11 error on AMD Raedon 7670 In Catalyst
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I don't know If I am doing anything wrong. But I am facing this "clBuildProgram() -11" problem whenever I am trying to invoke oclHashcatPlus.

I am running this in a
  • Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium
  • AMD Radeon 7670
  • OclHashcat-plus 0.15
what driver version?
Driver Packaging Version: 8.933-120117a-134130C-Sony
Catalyst Control Center Version: 2012.0117.2242.40496
OpenGL version:
Direct 3D Version:
2D Driver Version:
need to uninstall that and get the 13.4 driver from amd.com for your card.
I thought that limitation was till only 0.14?
I installed the 3.14 version (not the 3.15 C1) but still getting the same error :'(
3.14? Where are you getting these from?
Sorry...I meant to say 13.4
Driver Packaging Version : 8.933-120117a-134130C-Sony
I am trying to crack a hpcap file...
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